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 Gold Contact Probes  

Out of Stock - Bi-Polar Gold Half Domed Probe/Insert

Regular price: $55.95  Special price $45.95


20% OFF - Gold Contact Semi-Radial Electrode

Regular price: $58.95  Special price $47.15


Out of Stock - Slim Shot Bi-Polar Anal/Vaginal Electrode

Regular price $47.95 

Out of Stock - 15% OFF - Pin Point Gold Quad - NEW

Regular price: $56.95  Special price $48.40


Out of Stock - Double-Forked Gold Quad Probe

Regular price: $58.95  Special price $50.10


Out of Stock - 15% OFF - Bi-Polar Tower Probe

Regular price: $59.95  Special price $50.95

15% OFF - Bi-Polar Gold Small Gold Domed Insertable Electrode

Regular price: $59.95  Special price $50.95


15% OFF - Gold Triple Dome Electro Probe

Regular price: $64.95  Special price $55.25


15% OFF - Bi-Polar Gold Ring Contact Electro-Probe

Regular price: $64.95  Special price $55.25

15% OFF - Gold Quad Contact Vaginal Probe

Regular price: $78.95  Special price $67.10

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