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 New Items & Specials  

Spring Thing for the Glans - Short Style

Connector Type?

Regular price $8.95 


Hollow Ribbed Urethran Insert with End Plug and 2 Rings

What Diameter Do You Want ?

Regular price $9.95 


Cum Load - Unscented Water Based Lube 8 Oz

Regular price $12.95 

Out of Stock - Spring Thing for the Glans

What Style Connector?

Regular price $12.95 


Quality and Economy Conductive Silicone Urethral Inserts -5 Sizes

What Size Do You Want?

Regular price $12.95 


20% OFF - 1/8" Thick Rings - Tri-Ring With TENS Connection

Regular price: $16.95  Special price $13.00

Trainer Popper - Small Anal/Vaginal Insert

Do You Want the Tubing?

Regular price $14.95 


Little Pecker Plug

I Want the Tubing

Regular price $15.95 


Big Boy Stretcher/Training Hollow Insert

Regular price $15.95 

Adjustable Stainless - Cock Base and/or Ball Ring

What Diameter??

Regular price $16.95 


4.5" Bi-Polar Cock Sheath with Male Snap Connections

Regular price $19.95 


Out of Stock - Hollow Bi-Polar Plug - Conductive Silicone

Regular price $23.95 

Triple Ring Insert with Snap Connector

Regular price $24.95 


Out of Stock - Bell Shaped Stainless 8 Oz Magnetic Ball Weight

Regular price $28.95 


Out of Stock - Shaking Horses 10 Pattern Head & Urethral Vibrator

Regular price $29.95 

Bi-Polar Electrode and Vibrating Plume

Regular price $29.95 


Shaking Pony Vibrating - Head and 6" Urethral Insert

Regular price $29.95 


Sparkie - Stainless Trainer Plug W/ Power Supply

Regular price $34.95 

Combo E-Stim & Vibrator Probe/Dildo

What Color Do You Want?

Regular price $36.95 


Electro Bi-Polar Prostate Massager

Regular price $59.95 


New - Bi-Polar Flash Plug with Control Box

Regular price $59.95 

New - Storm Bi-Polar Silicone Plug Men and Women

Regular price $59.95 


NEW ITEM - POYO Stick - A True Helping Hand !!

Regular price $79.95 


Realistic Silicone Penis Attached to an 6.5" x 8" Base

Regular price $80.00 

Hydrotherapy X30 Xtreme Extreme Penis Pump

Regular price $99.95 


Electro Humbler - Improved Version

Regular price $99.95 


Hydrotherapy X40 Xtreme Extreme Penis Pump

Regular price $109.95 

Bi-Polar Electro Ball Press with Small Power Unit

Regular price $129.95 


NEW - Rends Piston Heat IR - Stroker with Heating Element !!

Where are we shipping?

Regular price $149.95 


PES Bi-Polar Large Acrylic Plug

Regular price $168.95 

Folsom Bi-Polar 1..25" x 1" Diameter Straight Probe

Regular price $177.95 


3D Realistic Sex Doll

Regular price $375.00 


NEW - Electrastim AXIS Electrostimulation Power Box

Regular price $519.00 

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