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 New Items & Specials  

Out of Stock - Stretchy Cock and Ball Divider

Regular price $4.95 


Erection Spreader 4-Rings for the cock and balls

Regular price $7.95 


SPECIAL Buy One Get One Free - Electro Penis Pads

Regular price $8.95 

Out of Stock - 4.65 Inch Variable Flexible Beaded SS Insert

Regular price $12.95 


6mm (1/4") Stainless Beaded Insert with Snap

Regular price $12.95 


Hunky Junk c-Ring - 3 - Ring Pack Cock or Ball Rings

What Color Do You Want ?

Regular price $14.95 

Out of Stock - Big Boy Stretcher-2 - Training Solid Insert

Regular price $15.95 


Out of Stock - Stainless Thing on a Ring - Great for Beginners

What Connection Do You Want?

Regular price $16.95 


Out of Stock - Squeeze My Shaft - Pump and Stay Hard !!

Regular price $16.95 

8mm Hollow 2.25" insert

Regular price $17.95 


Neo Stretch Ball Stretcher - Tall

What Color Do You Want ?

Regular price $24.95 


Out of Stock - NEW Bi-Polar Silicone 6mm Urethral Insert

Regular price $29.95 

Egg and Double Ridge Plug with Flexible Rubber Base

Regular price $29.95 


Out of Stock - Beginner Bi-Polar Prostate Plug

Regular price $34.95 


Electro-Zinger Bi-Polar Prostate Plug w/Conductive Loop

Regular price $36.95 

Venti Digital Unit - twelve presets and eight manual routines

Regular price $39.95 


Exclusive -Folsom Electro-Speculum with Built-In Light

Yes, I want the special snap leads

Regular price $44.95 


Fusion 'Infinity' E-Pinwheel by Electrastim

Regular price $64.95 

Silicone Fusion 'Viper' Bi-Polar Cock Ring

Regular price $64.95 


Out of Stock - Bi-Polar Silicone Cock Cage

Regular price $69.95 


NEW ITEM - POYO Stick - A True Helping Hand !!

Regular price $79.95 

EStim Systems Small Electro Egg

Regular price $88.95 


Electro Humbler - Improved Version

Regular price: $99.95  Special price $89.95


Out of Stock - EStim Systems Medium Electro-Egg

Regular price $98.95 

Silicone Fusion 'Komodo' Electro Dildo

Regular price $98.95 


Fusion 'Habanero' Electro Prostate Massager

Regular price $99.00 


E-Stim Systems - Large Electro Egg

Regular price $108.95 

Cell Mate - Electronic Bluetooth Activated Chastity Cage

What Model Do You Want?

Regular price $179.95 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.