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 Specials and New Items  

1/4" Diameter No-Needle Syringe

How Many Do You Want?

Regular price $1.99 


Magnetic Electrode Adaptor for 2mm (TENS) Pin

What Color Do You Want ??

Regular price $10.95 


Buy One 2nd One 1/2 Price - Choker with Double-Hole Cord Lock


Regular price $11.50 

Size Matters Nipple Boosters

Regular price $12.95 


SPECIAL - Big Choker - 2nd One 1/2 Price

Want the Second One?

Regular price $12.95 


Rebel Ball Stretching Kit - 3 - Silicone Rings

Regular price $15.95 

Joanne's Didi/Dummy Monopole 6mm Conductive Silicone Electrode

Regular price $15.95 


Ring Master Custom Ball Stretcher Kit

Regular price $18.95 


Inflatable Doughnut for Cock or Balls

Regular price $18.95 

Adjustable Urethral Spreader

Regular price $18.95 


Single-Pole Electro Gloves with Silver Conductive Fibers

Regular price $19.95 


Estim Bipolar Penis Play Conductive 6mm Rubber Cock Loop

Regular price $19.95 

Double-Didi-Dummy 6mm Electrode

Regular price $20.95 


Rebel Ball Stretcher with D-Ring

Regular price $23.95 


Hollow 7.5 Inch Long Single Pole Hollow E-Stim Insert

What Ball Diameter Do You Want ??

Regular price $24.95 

Choker and Strangler with Cord Locks

What Do You Want

Regular price $24.95 


Stainless Ribbed Cock Cap in 6 and 8 mm Diameters

What Size Do You Want ??

Regular price $26.95 


ABS Double Conductive Rubber Loops 4mm

Regular price $29.95 

Out of Stock - Double Play 6mm Cock Electrode

Regular price $31.95 


TRI-SPORT XL Sportsling

Regular price $32.00 


Special - Pleasure Pack - 3 Cond Loops with Cord Locks

What Do You Want to Do ?

Regular price $37.95 

NEW - Cling-On 10x Vibrating Enhanser

Regular price: $74.95  Special price $41.95


Mini - Bi-Polar Electric Shock and Vibrating Remote Control Plug

Regular price: $49.95  Special price $44.95


Out of Stock - Lucifer's Ladder XL

Regular price $48.95 

Maddie -Juicy Wet Look Masturbator Doggy Style - Light

Regular price $49.95 


Emily - Juicy Wet Look Masturbator Missionary - Light

Regular price $49.95 


Small, Medium and Large Diamond EStim Systems Insert

What Size Diameter Do You Want?

Regular price $54.95 

Electro Sex Bar Clamps Unipolar

Regular price $57.95 


ShockLock by OxBalls

Regular price $73.95 


Out of Stock - Ball Crusher Electrode - Lockable and Non-Lockable

What Version Do You Want ??

Regular price $79.95 

Clone Duo-Huge 2-Pack Blue/Black Ball Stretchers

Regular price $91.95 


Vibrating Electro Prostate Massager

Regular price: $129.95  Special price $95.95


Clone Duo Regular Red/Black 2-Pack

Regular price $99.00 

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