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Double-Didi-Dummy 6mm Electrode

After some great feedback about my Didi 3D printable vaginal or anal Monopole Conductive Rubber Electrode Joanne designed one with two loops of conductive rubber. The design is done and is available for download on my Gdrive if you have access to a 3D printer so that you can make one yourself.

However, if you do not own a 3D printer then we are offering a service where I will print one out for you and send it to you. Each Double Didi Electrode will be printed in my trademark YELLOW PLA. This insulator comes with 10"/25cm of 6mm and a 7"/17.8cm conductive rubber tubing that takes 2mm plugs.

  webassets/Double-Didi-Dummy-2.jpg  webassets/Didi-Dummy6mmMono-6.jpg 

It will be dispatched un-painted but with 6mm conductive rubber tubing already fitted. Three sides of the Conductive Rubber loops have pins fitted to secure them in place. Your TENS pin secures the other end, you can remove any of the pins to allow more cables to attach to this electrode from different channels if you are using a Tri-phase set-up to make it the base connector.

Just plug in your 2mm TENS pin and then insert it into your vagina or anus before switching on your control box and experiencing some e-stim pleasure.


I recommend that you paint it first though to seal the surfaces with a plastic paint such as Krylon Fusion For Plastic.

Brand: Joanne's Reviews
Hole Diameter: 6.5mm
Colour: Yellow
Conductive Rubber Diameter: 6mm
Plug/Socket Size: 2mm
Electrode Target Area: Vaginal/Anal

Material: PLA


Note: This product is supplied as is and I am not liable for any problems that arise from its use. It is sold as a novelty item and carries no warranty. Your statutory rights remain. Images shown are renderings, the printed product will show some layer lines and require a light sanding.

Item #E 4x7Y

Regular price $20.95 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.