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P.E.S. Slim and Big Jim Bi-Polar Ring and Insert

The PES Deep Throat is a double pole electrode with a few twists. The Deep Throat electrode allows for numerous configuration possibilities. One of the unique features of Deep Throat is its ability to adjust to the male anatomy to insure a constant and proper fit for effective Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES).

Deep Throat consists of a Main Body and a urethral probe. You can choose from two thicknesses of probes, either the “Slim Jim” or the "Big Jim", depending on what thickness you prefer. The Main Body is a ring of highly conductive silicone elastomer, Electro-Flex™, with an ability to adjust to the corona at its varying stages of arousal. The Main Body has a self-adjusting expansion joint built into the primary body permit the perfect fit for almost every man.

You can personalize the Deep Throat electrode to your anatomy by adjusting the neck of Deep Throat. At the bottom of the neck there is a collapsible insulated sheath that will separate from the conductive tubing it surrounds, allowing for either a lengthening or shortening of the neck for individual fit, dependent up your individual anatomy.

The "Slim Jim" or "Big Jim" is the probe portion of Deep Throat. It is a highly flexible probe constructed of surgical grade silicone. Unlike our Sparklers or the Amplifier on the Corona Stimulator, the “Slim Jim” or the "Big Jim" is not a completely conductive length of silicone.

Using a micro-filament conduit, it connects two different lengths of conductive silicone on either end with a portion of non-conductive silicone dividing Electrode A from Electrode B. Slim Jim is 1/8" in diameter and 6" long. Big Jim is 1/4" in diameter and 6" long. Electrode (A) is 1” of ElectroFlex™ conductive cord, Electrode (B) is 1½” of ElectroFlex™ conductive cord, and the center is 3½" of non-conductive tubing.

The "Jims" are marvels in engineering for this style of electrode. 
Unlike other probes which use materials that are stiff and rigid, the Jims are highly flexible, and when inserted, they tend to mold themselves to the path of least resistance, making this electrode one of the most comfortable on the market.

Also due to its lightweight construction, the Jims are not “top heavy” like other probes that tend to expel themselves out of the orifice. With other probes, many users need to find a mechanical means of holding the probe in place - a cumbersome and time consuming task. The Jim solves these problems ingeniously. With lightweight, flexible design, the Jim is inserted with ease and comfort and stays put without expelling itself.

Unlike the “Slim Jim” on the original Deep Throat, the “Big Jim” has a removable brass low profile connection. This piece slides on and off whichever end of the “Big Jim” you connect your low profile lead to.

One of the remarkable aspects of Deep Throat is that it feels like a triple pole electrode, although in fact it is only a double pole electrode. The Slim Jim incorporates two different lengths of conductive tubing at each end of the electrode. These electrodes are known as Electrode A and Electrode B.

Depending on which end of the Jim is inserted, you will have a double pole electrode with the insertion of Electrode B or the feel of a triple pole electrode with the insertion of Electrode A and partial insertion of Electrode B. Note: The second half of this circuit is the Main Body.

Another benefit of Deep Throat is that it can be used as a single pole electrode around the corona connected in circuit with another electrode around the testicles or base of the shaft, or even an anal plug.

Slim Jim is 1/8" in diameter and 6" long (C091)
Big Jim is 1/4" in diameter and 6" long (C459)

NOTE: The Big Jim is an additional $20.00.  Please specify in the Drop Down box below if you are wanting this size.  Otherwise, the Slim Jim is the default price and size.

Not recommended for use with The Rimba Powerbox(s)


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