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Out of Stock - Bi-Polar Forceps with 3.5mm Jacks or TENS Sockets

Electro-Forceps are a great way to get a hold of those small and hard to get at places or if you just want to really stimulate a targeted area on the body, say nipple or some foreskin maybe.  Although they have a built-in tooth-like locking device near the grips that can be used to clamp and hold tightly, for a gentler touch, you can also use a small wide rubber band to eliminate the need to lock the teeth to hold the skin.  This method would be wonderful for clitoris or nipple stimulation.

A generous 48 inches of  lead wire is provided, so you have plenty of reaching capacity.   It can also be made with a 3.5mm jack, so that you can plug this electro-toy right into your power box and is ready for immediate use.  For an additional $10.00, we can convert the wiring to the 3.5mm male audo jack for plugging directly into a power box using this type of input. 

Overall length of the Forceps is 7 inches.

The stainless steel contacts are 3/8" in diameter and are embedded into soft cleated rubber pads that measure 1/2" across and are 1" in length for a gentle, but stable grip.  The wiring is fed into the back sides of the tips and are completely sealed with black resin, so it is safe to handle the forceps while playing without the risk of contact with any current from the power box.  A very nice addition to your electro-toy chest!! 
NOTE: You can designate a Banana or TENS socket connection for this product.  As mentioned, it can also be made with a 3.5mm male audio jack.  Be sure to mark which one you want to order in the Drop-Down Box below.  The TENS socket connection is the default.space

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Regular price: $68.00  Special price $59.95

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