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Heavy Duty Bi-Polar Plug with 3 Ridges
This heavy-duty bi-polar plug can be used for both anal and vaginal pleasure.  A perfect size; 1" (25mm) in diameter and has an insertion length of 4.5" (114mm).  The additional three ridges are spaced nicely to add to the pleasure.  Made with aluminum with a super-slick polished finish.
Note: a $3.50 Priority Mail Fee will be added.

The top electrode is 1-1/4" in length and the bottom electrode is 3-1/4" long.  The base is 3/8" thick and 1-3/4" in diameter with a slot molded into the bottom to hold the lead wire flush to the bottom if you wanted to attach it to a flat base or harness.  Each hole on each side of the base is 3/16" in diameter.  The lead wire is 44" long, plenty of wire to run to a power box.

The base is also electrified and can be unscrewed. If you wanted to, you could place a plastic or rubber washer between it and the bottom electrode, so the base could be handled safely without experiencing any feeling of current. 

NOTE: This is a "hard wired" bi-polar electrode and has a 2.5mm jack at the end for plugging into a power unit.  A 2.5mm jack will work directly with a Rimba, Zeus, Pipedream Shock Therapy Unit or others using a 2.5mm input jack.  If you want to use this with a unit having a 3.5mm input jack, you will need to use a 2.5mm female to 3.5mm male adapter.  You can find these in our Wiring and Adapter section in our store.  Click on the adapter to order.

Item #SSBiPolarWRidge

Regular price: $119.95  Special price $79.95

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