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Double Ridge Heavy Duty Plug - $10.00 OFF
If you are looking for a Heavy Duty Bi-Polar Plug with a couple of ridges to make it interesting, this plug is for you.  This electrode is smooth, highly polished, and has a nice smaller neck at the base to keep it in place.

Made of nicklefree high-grade aluminum with a super-slick polished finish, it is eacy to use and a breeze to clean up.

NOTE: This is a "hard wired" bi-polar electrode and has a 2.5mm jack at the end for plugging into a power unit.  A 2.5mm jack will work directly with a Rimba, Zeus, Pipedream Shock Therapy Unit or others using a 2.5mm input jack.  If you want to use this with a unit having a 3.5mm input jack, you will need to use a 2.5mm female to 3.5mm male adapter.  You can find these in our Wiring and Adapter section in our store.  Click on the adapter to order.


Weight: Approximately 8 oz. 210 gr.

Overall length is 4"

Insertable depth is 3-1/2"and has two "bumps", each 1-3/8" (35mm) in diameter.
Top smaller electrode is 1-1/4" in length and the ridge is 1" at the lowest point.
Bottom larger electrode is also 1-1/4 in diameter but 1-3/8" in length.
The bottom neck is 3/4 in diameter and 3/4" long.
The base is 1-3/4" in diameter and 3/8" thick.
Two 3/16" diameter holes have been placed on each side of the base to that it could be fastened to a flat surface or secured inside or on a belt.  There is also a channel grooved into the bottom of the base for the electrical wire to lay into for out of the way flat surface fastening.


Item #RIM7877

Regular price: $89.95  Special price $79.95

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