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Stretch-N-Stim Complete Enlargement Kit

The Bigger Penis Streth-N-Stim Complete Kit allows you to achieve increased size and performance! The enlargement device comfortably applies a constant stretch to your penis. In response, the stretched tissue slowly expands until you can see noticeable gains over time. Throughout history, humans have experimented with the ability of adding gradual pressure to stretch tissue over time. This penis enlargement device capitalizes on that simple process to help you increase your size. Instructions for a complete regimen of wear and use are included.

You would most likely pay a lot more for just the kit let alone the conductive material to electrify this device anywhere else.

webassets/ac604-bigger-penis-kit-on-dildo-wm.jpg webassets/ac604-bigger-penis-kit-parts-wm.jpg

Electrify it !!- Most of us know that a stretched cock makes the estim sensations much more enjoyable versus a flacid one. In addition to the complete enlargement kit, we will add an 8" section of our 3/4" wide conductive strap and a ComboClit and an 8" section of our 6x2mm conductive tubing that can be placed into the round holes on the device and made into a loop for estimming with one or both enclosed items. The picture below is shown fully extended and with the 6x2mm conductive loop in place and the flat strap with the ComboClip attached. The cock head is held in place with the rubber strap included with the kit and the conductive loop is then placed just behind the head or shaft.


Measurements: The picture above is shown with all the extension bars together to show that you can actually put an 10" + cock in this device. Wouldn't that be nice!! Tongue
                                 out No need to purchase additional extension rods. Enlarger is 5.5 inches long from bottom of base to end of shaft support platform, Opening at base of enlarger is 1.61 inches wide, Included extension rods add 1 inch (short rods) and 2 inches (short rods) to the length of the enlarger, and can be attached together to add a total of 3 inches. Rubber strap is 0.9 inches wide, 7.75 inches long

Material: ABS, Steel, Rubber

Note:Includes enlarger, two additional sizes of extension rods, adjustable rubber strap, 6x2mm and 3/4" conductive material and a ComboClip.

Item #StretchComplete

Regular price: $99.95  Special price $89.95

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