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Tadpole Bi-Polar Electro-Egg by ElectraStim
Consider this new probe to be the brother of the Depth Charge, but with a flexible "tail" for the utmost in comfort and discretion. 

The "Tadpole" is a new egg shaped bi-polar stimulation electrode (2" long x 1.5" wide) with a 6" flaccid silicone tail. This product can be used in the bedroom, but has been developed with the more adventurous in mind! The thin silicone tail on the Tadpole is very comfortable and discreet making it ideal for use while out partying, jogging, in the yard or just about anywhere and the grip ribs make it easy for vaginal or anal removal. This item is suitable for use with the New Flick Duo (for easy concealment) and for all power units using a TENS pin connection.  If your power box uses banana pins, simply either get a new lead wire 3.5mm to TENS or an adapter in our Wiring and Adapor Section.

Size: 150mm Insertable length x 30mm Diameter (6" x 1.2")

  • Exclusive ElectraStim Bespoke Design
  • Effective vaginal, anal and prostate stimulation
  • Silicone flexible shaft for smooth and easy insertion
  • Super comfortable silicone for mobile stimulation
  • Pre-fabricated laminate electrode made from marine grade aluminium and acrylic
  • Up to 150mm penetration depth by 30mm diameter
  • Built-in ergonomic hand grip with tactile ribs
  • 2mm (TENS) pin socket compatible

  • Item #Tadpole

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