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Flexing Flavio Bi-Polar Silicone Electrode by MyStim
If you want to get started with anal or ladies, vaginal excitement, this e-toy will be one to definitely add to your collection.   Thanks to Flex & Stay you can bend Flexing Flavio in whatever form you desire, the toy will keep this form.

The small surface contact areas will make this electrode quite interesting, as the smaller the contact area to more intense the sensations.  Of course, you are always in control of the power you put to this plug.  Laughing

Since you can bend and shape this electrode, we think that is has promising uses for the ladies for beginning vaginal stimulation.  With the base doubling as a handle, moving it around to find the "sweet spot" makes it that much better.

Even the more experienced e-stimmer's should find this electrode an interesting addition to the e-toy collection. 

You might want to consider purchasing a couple of our 90 degree TENS pin adapters or our 6" TENS Socket to 90 Degree Adapter Wire that when used, are great for using the Twisting Tom in a sitting position. 

NinetyDegreeAdapters/FlexingFlavioWith90DegreeAdapters.jpg   NinetyDegreeAdapters/TwistingTomWith90DegreeWires.jpg

        With Adapters                  With Adapter Wires

NinetyDegreeAdapters/TwistingTomWith90DegreeWires-1.jpg Adapter and Adapter wires sold separately.

      With Adapter Wires

webassets/FlexingFlavioSurfaceandConnection.jpg  webassets/FlexingFlavioLegend.jpg

webassets/FlexingFlavio-1.jpg TENS pin socket connections on the bottom of base.

Product Specifications:

 • Length: 9cm/3.5 inches

 • Diameter (widest point): 30mm/1.2 inches

 • 100% medical grade silicone

 • Two-year manufacturer's warranty

 • Detailed instructions for setup and use


Item #FlexingFlavio

Regular price $88.95 

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