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Rimba CockTrap

Ever wonder what a 1# 2 Oz weight hanging around your cock and balls might feel like?  Wait no longer.  This heavy-duty stainless steel cock trap is sure to please.  Even better, we have made it so you can also electrify it for a mere $4.00 charge.  Make this selection in the Drop-Down box below.

This shiny well made and stylish device will give you the feel of someone continuously pulling on your tool and tool box all at once.  Worn under a baggy pair of slacks, folks will wonder why that look on your face is both of pleasure and pain as you walk down the steet or in the mall.  :)   Running is a no-no, unless of course you must.  With this thing slapping you from side to side, you may not make it to where you are going.

Cums (we hope you do) complete with inner and outer shell, tightening screws and allen wrench.

Be careful when fastening and tightening the hold-down screws, so you do not get any skin in between the two housings.  Pull your ball skin back away from the crack in the seam before tightening.  If you don't and tighten the last 1/2 turn, it will be very painful.  We can testify to this.  :(


NOTE: There is a shipping fee due to the weight of this device.  It qualifies for 2#, so a nominal shipping fee will be charged.  For USA customers $7.00, Canadian customers $17.00 and for Overseas customers $23.00. Use the Drop-Down box below to indicate where this itemis to be shipped.


CockAndBalls/CockTrapStainless-2.jpg  CockAndBalls/CockTrapStainless-4a.jpg


CockAndBalls/CockTrapStainless-5a.jpg   CockAndBalls/BallStretcherWithHole-RIM7792-1.jpg



Electrical Connection is an option



Item #Rim7492

Connection Banana, Snap or TENS
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