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The Intruder - By Electrastim

The high quality laminated construction of these probes means the electrodes are built in to the main body of the probe. This means the conductive surfaces will never become detached or wear out!  Talk about heavy-duty, this one weighs in at 3/4 of a pound!!

You can also use this bi-polar probe as a uni-polar probe by just connecting one cable instead of two or by using one of our Joiners (Y-Adapters) to make it a single-pole plug.

If you might be interested in another size, go back and browse a little more!!  These come in three sizes!!



If you are using a different power box and your cable does not have the 2mm (TENS) pin connector you will need an adapter kit - see our Wiring and Adapter section.


  • Exclusive Design
  • Crafted from an engineered laminate of marine grade aluminium and acrylic
  • 105mm (4 inches) penetration depth by 50mm (2 inches) diameter
  • O-rings around the base form a good insulating grip and can be removed for effective cleaning
  • Rotate the plug to vary the sensations
  • 2mm pin socket compatible


webassets/Intruder-2.jpg    webassets/IntruderFlatConnectors.jpg


Shown above with base and with low profile flush TENS connection wires (great for sitting) 


Electrastim takes a piece of 9mm thick clear acrylic, binds it between two solid metal bars with aircraft strength adhesive, adds 2 nitrile insulating o-rings, presses a 2mm pin socket into each pole, then shapes and polishes teh "Intruder" electro plug to a fine finish. The result is spectacular. 

Item #Intruder

Regular price $174.95 

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