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Out of Stock - 15% OFF - Pin Point Gold Quad - NEW
Here is an electrode that is sure to be a hit for both men and women.  This probe has been designed for simultaneous stimulation using both channels by drawing on the currents from each channel. However, having a quad electrode gives you a lot of great connection possibilities.  For example, if you wanted a bi-polar connection the lateral ‘saddle-shaped’ electrode can be used to stimulate the left and right branches of the interior muscles.  To do this, the connective lead wires in white should be connected to a single channel of the power box.   
  1. The first circuit is created by 2 large flat conductive electrodes located on the lower side of the probe’s body to deliver global stimulation of the pelvic floor. This ‘first’ stimulation circuit operates on 2 connective lead wires with 2 mm female sockets – 1 in black and 1 in white.
  2. The second circuit consists of 2 lateral ‘saddle-shaped’ conductive electrodes for the undifferentiated stimulation of both the right and the left branches of the pubococcygeal muscle. This ‘second’ stimulation circuit operates on 2 connective lead wires with 2 mm female sockets – both in white.
This electrode is an advanced vaginal/anal stimulation probe enabling independent use of 2 stimulator channels with a single probe for comprehensive stimulation of pelvic floor/vaginal or anal muscles. The probe is easy to insert and comfortable in use.  You could also connect this probe using three of the four contact point by connecting only three of the wires with the fourth one connected to a TENS pad or conductive silicone loop.  NOTE: this electrode cannot be used while sitting, as it will damage the shaft where the thin wires run through.
The possibilities are many with this electrode and since the electrodes are small, you will enjoy an intense sensation while using.  Great for pumping action.  :)
This picture depicts the placement inside a woman and the red lines indicate where the path of current is expected to travel for maximum stimulation and pumping action.
ProstateStimulators/PinPointQuadPostitioning.jpgNOTE: The picture below simply shows an electrode being placed for prostate stimulation and is not this electrode.  The red lines indicate the path of the current and where the effect of it will take place inside the anal canal.  The sensations of a quad connected to both channels or even hooked up as a bi-polar with the proper power box settings will create some great pumping stimulation.
The probe is 120 mm (4.75") long with 80.5 mm (3") insertable length. The probe is flat with 30 mm (1") width and 15 mm (1/2") depth. It is made of biodegradable plastic in white and weighs 25 g. There are 4 connective leads each wire is 20 cm or about 8" in length with 2 mm TENS female sockets for connection to the power box.   First circuit has 1 black and 1 red female socket and the second circuit has 2 white female sockets. The diagram below shows you which electrodes are connected to which wire using a color coded scheme.

Clean with warm soapy water only.  Autoclave or boiling will destroy this electrode.

Item #PinPointQuak

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