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Out of Stock - SureShock Quad Gold Plated Probe
For a slightly shorter, but effective stimulator, the SureShock Gold Quad probe will definitely fill the need.  This probe is nickel free and features gold plated electrodes. It is also designed to give the sphincter and prostate a great workout.  For the ladies, it provides some excellent muscle contractions as well as some very exciting electrical stimulation.  Definitely a probe that will enhance you e-stim toy chest.
This electrode can be wired for single, double, triple and of course quad pole action. By using both channels of  your power box, you can kick the quad function into full gear.  
Shown below, is a color codes diagram that indicates which electrodes the connecting wire operate.  Using a meter will indicate exactly which wire powers any specific electrode. 
NOTE: This electrode is not made for sitting on while in use.  Although the soft rubber shaft is flexible, bending it too much will pull and separate the small wires embedded in the rubber.
Cleaning must be done with warm soapy water.  Autoclave or boiling this electrode will melt it down and ruin it. 
Shown below is a diagram of placement and the red lines indicate what parts of the internal anatomy this electrode will stimulate.  Although the red line does not show sphincter stimulation, as you get this probe pulsing, it will definitely draw up the sphincter muscle and release it as your power box pulsates.  :) 
And for the ladies, although the diagram is not specific to this electrode, it does show placement and the red lines indicate the current path that will most likely take place while in use.  

Item #SureShockGold

Regular price: $62.95  Special price $54.95

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