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Single Pole Electro Nipple/Vagina Clamps
These heavy-duty single-pole clamps are quite versatile and easy to use.  Use them for nipple play or better yet, clamp one one each side of the vagina lips and drive her wild with erotic sensations.  The picture below and on the right shows these without the electrical shrink wrap on the handles.  For safety purposes, we have added the insulation, so you can safely hold onto the clamps for positioning. They also have set screws that will limit the pressure on the skin if you want to fine-tune the "squeeze".  Just do not try to adjust the set screws with the power on, as they are not insulated.   
These also come with a set of 2.5mm audio lead wires with Banana pins.  Since these are made by Rimba, the 2.5mm jack is meant to be used with their power box. However, you can convert to a 3.5mm audio jack for use with ErosTek, Folsom, EStim system or PES power boxes by simply getting a 2.5mm female to 3.5mm male audio adapter.  If you already have banana pins on your lead wires, you are good to go.
We cannot recommend you use these, one on each nipple, because current would move from one clamp to another crossing the chest cavity.  In some instances, this can be very harmful to the heart and mess up the beating process.  You can probably think of a lot of things to do with these clamps BELOW THE BELT.  :)   Guys, these will work well on the head or skin of the balls, maybe around each one depending on how hung you are.
NippleToys/ENippleClamp-1.JPG   NippleToys/RimbaNippleElectrodes-4.jpg 

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