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No Longer Available - Combination Nose, Nipple Electro-Clamp
This little device can be used for a lot of devious things.  It is originally intended to be a nose lead for leading a slave around by a lease.  However, looking at it closer and with some imagination, you can easily use it for a nipple clamp, pussy lip clamp or a single=-pole electrode and even clipping it to the underside of the penis or foreskin, whatever works.  :)  NOTE: If connecting to the nipple, be sure to always use an electrode right next to it to avoid any current crossing the chest.  This can be dangerous and cause some serious problems with the heart.  
We will include the following items, so you can mix, match and connect this clamp in any way you see fit.  :)
1 -  Stainless Steel adjustable clamp
2 - Small pieces of conductive tubing to soften the clamping sensation, if you wish.
1 - Alligator wire of your choice; TENS or Banana socketed.  Use the Drop-Down box below to indicate what type of power box lead you will be using it for.
Pictured below are a few illustrations of the device with and without the conductive tubing.
NippleToys/NoseClamp-1.jpg    Typical Nose Lead Set-Up if you have a rope or leash
NippleToys/NoseClamp-2.jpg   NippleToys/NoseClamp-5.jpg
The nose shackle consists of two rounded ends, which tighten down with a simple thumb screw. Just place it on their nose or nipple, tighten, and attach to a leash or small chain. The pressure on their sensitive flesh will compel them to obey.

Measurements: Opening measures 0 to 0.5 inches wide

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Black

Note: Consists of 1 nose shackle two sections of conductive tubing and an alligator clip wire of your choice of TENS or Banana connections.

Item #NoseClamp

What Type of Connection?

Regular price $35.95 

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