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Beaded Bi-Polar Plug

Treat yourself to an easy to insert, stimulating bi-polar slim-line plug designed for comfort and intense stimulation.  Although it has been designed for and touted for rectal use for both men and women, it certainly could be used for vaginal stimulation as well. If held in the hand by the large "stopper ball", and pressed to the clitoris, or other parts of the vaginal wall, could also cause some very stimulating and intense orgasms.  :)

 ProstateStimulators/Bi-PolarNT1011-1Plug-1.jpg  ProstateStimulators/Bi-PolarNT1011Plug.jpg

This probe has a long narrow body with 2 stainless steel ring electrodes for bi-polar use.  The bi-polar aspect of this probe is used for both constant, pulsating and throbbing sensations.  Should be wonderful for pin-point prostate stimulation.  The raised notches Beads) on the probe are 3/4" (19mm) and ensure stable positioning and comfortable fit in the rectum or vagina during stimulation. The larger "stopper-ball" on top measures 1" or (51mm) in diameter. This probe is made from ABS plastic with stainless steel electrodes and is 102.5 mm (4 inches) long (insertable lengths) and is 13mm (1/2")  diameter.  The shaft up to the first bead is 2" (51mm) long.

Item #BeadedBiPolar

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