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Out of Stock - Electro E-Stim Gloves
Now you can electrify your touch to yourself or thrill your partner like never before with the Conductor Electro Sensation Gloves from Zeus! This pair of gloves is made from premium conductive silicone, for a smooth and stimulating sensation.
The conductive surface on the front (palms and fingers) of the gloves is made of a highly conductive material, designed to give a mild electric pulse when both gloves are applied to the naked skin. Each glove is a single-pole electrode (just like a TENS pad is), one is positive and the other is negative.  When your lead wire from one channel of your power box is connected to them, you have completed the circuit.  Designed with electro conductive pads on the outside and fingers with non-conductive blue silicone on the inside of the glooves and around the conductive material, so the stimulation is experienced by the recipient, not the wearer. See note below.  Easy to use, just select a compatible power box and plug your TENS pins into them. Now you are ready to glide your hands across your lover (below the belt) or yourself, creating an exciting electrical massage using your touch. One size fits most.
Now, if you want to hold each glove on each side of one breast, this would be OK and very sensious, causing current to move from one glove through the nerves and tissue and to the other glove.  
Since these gloves are made from silicone, they are waterproof.  Using a water based lube in and around the area to be stimulated will add to the stimulation.  Remember too, that the closer two electordes are to each other, the more acute the sensation.  The further away they are, creates less of a sensation.  Do not touch the gloves together, as this shorts out the current.  :(   The stimulation possibilities are endless!!
Note: You can also use these on yourself, but be sure to keep both gloves below the belt!!  Using one glove on the chest, arm or back area and the other below the belt or on the chest, back area can post a dangerous situation, causing current to flow 

Measurements: 7.5 inches long, 5.25 inches wide

Material: Silicone

Color: Blue



Item #ZeusGlovesElec

Regular price: $79.95  Special price $59.95

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