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Awaken Electro Stimulation Gloves
Explore new possibilities fin electro-play. Connect the lightweight Awaken Uni-Polar E-Stim Gloves to your powerbox and introduce your lover or yourself to the conductive energy of your caress, touching and even stroking. 
Remember too, you can use one glove on one hand connected to one lead wire and an electrode such as a conductive loop, TENS pad or anal plug.  Current flows from one glove to the other glove or to the electrode connected to the other lead wire.    


For sensation play enthusiasts, there has never been a more exciting tool. These travel-friendly and comfortable gloves will provide you or you and your partner, more intimate and sensual e-stim adventures. Just plug in both gloves to leads that connect to your powerbox, and prepare your partner or yourself for an electrifying experience. Note: If you wish to also experience the shocking sensations, simply slip the gloves on your hands, turn on your box, and use both hands to play with yourself or lover.  
Imagine holding onto the libia and current flowing through the clit or holding onto your balls with one glove and stroking Mr. Happy with the other?  The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.  Please remember SAFETY and do not to use above the waist to be safe from consequences to your heart that may end in a bad result.  Always wear and use latex or similar rubber or insulated gloves before using.  Do NOT just place these on your bare hands or current will flow throughout your entire body.  Not good. 
5 pairs of latex gloves are included for you to wear under the e-stim gloves if you prefer that only your partner experiences the intensity. Replacement gloves are available at most retail stores.  Customize how your partner feels electrical stimulation with these unique gloves from Zeus. 

Measurements: 9 inches in length and 5 inches wide, unstretched. One size fits most. 

Material: Fabric, metal, latex. 

Color: White. 

Note: Leads and powerbox required to operate, not included. Both leads must be connected for gloves to work.  Requires female snap style connectors that can be found in our wiring and adapter section.

Item #AwakenE-Gloves

Regular price: $54.95  Special price $34.95

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