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15% Off - Voltaic E-Stim Kit
Get Single or Double penetrated by an electrosex dildo, buttplug or both! This stimulating kit includes everything you need to turn your E-stim play into a penetrative experience!  Although this kit was designed for women, it can be used for men as well.
If you have a powerbox using a 2.5mm connection for the lead, just plug the included leads into it and one or both attachments. If you have a PES low profile set of leads, they will clip to these easily.  For all other power boxes using TENS or Banana pins, you can purchase adapters or adapter wires with a female snap found in our wiring and adapter section, that will fit perfectly on these electrodes.
Erotically stimulate yourself or your lover with two stainless steel insertion accessories that are perfect for conducting current and sending electricity straight into the pussy and/or ass! The smooth tapered dildo will feel cool and delightful as it slides into you. The ripped plug is tapered for easy insertion and will provide amazing pleasure to your anal walls. Just turn on your machine and find out how much pleasure power you can take! We recommend water based or electrically conductive gel.  Both electrodes are smooth and non-porous for easy cleanup.
 ProstateStimulators/VoltaicE-StimKit-c.jpg    ProstateStimulators/VoltaicE-StimKit-d.jpg
Plug: 3.25 inches in total length 2.75 inches insertable 1.25 inches in diameter.
Dildo: 6.75 inches in total length 6 inches insertable 1.5 inches in diameter.

Material: Stainless steel.


Note: Power box and adapters to other power boxes are not included.

Item #VoltaicKit

Regular price: $79.95  Special price $67.95

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