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Out of Stock-Thickwall Vacuum Cylinder w/ E-Stim Urethral Insert
NEW - Thickwall Cylinders - Vacuum Cylinder with Electrified Urethral Insert

Our goal has and still is, to bring new products to customers.  We are extremely happy to now offer our customers the quality and suburb craftsmanship of the Thickwall Cylinder line of penis electro devices.  Our friend Steve, owner of Thickwall Cylinders in the UK, offered to make a limited quantity of several of the most popular sized diameters and styles to place on our web site.    While this is a new venture for Steve and our company, it is difficult for him to take time away from his normal customer retail business to make electrified vacuum cylinders for us.  As he has the time, Steve will be making these devices and shipping them to us in limited quantities.   

Due to shipping, duty and taxes in getting them to us, there will be a slight increase in the cost we sell them for and what Thickwall sells them for on their web site.  However, we feel that once you see and use these extremely, beautifully crafted electrified cylinders, you will be happy with your long-term investment and that the extra cost was definitely worth it.  J 

At this time, we only have a limited quantity of each size noted in the Drop-Down box below.  Only one length is available, 8 inches long, but we have them in the 1.75" and 2.0" diameters and 2.25" diameters.  The medical grade stainless steel insert is 6mm in diameter and 4 inches long.   The plastic vacuum air valve that sits on top of the cylinder accepts most standard male vacuum pump hoses. Once vacuum is to your liking, when you pop the connection off of it, it will hold vacuum until you reconnect it and release the vacuum.

As we receive more from Thickwall cylinders, we will update the options.


The connection is a 2mm TENS pin style. These cylinders and sound combination can be used for pumping only with the sensation of a urethral insert or as a single pole e-toy for e-stim use. NOTE: A second single pole toy is needed to complete the circuit. The cylinders are NOW EQUIPPED WITH DELUXE FLANGE for added comfort. No silicone seal is required.

ThickwallElectrified/Bi-PolarPenisCylinder1.75With4InchInsert-B.jpg   ThickwallElectrified/Bi-PolarPenisCylinder1.75With4InchInsert-D.jpg

Remember, with an eight inch cylinder and a 4 inch insert, depending on your pumped penis length, some or all of the insert will be inside the urethral canal. It is recommended that at least one inch be inserted, otherwise the sensation may be too intense.

Be sure to indicate the diameter of the cylinder you want in the Drop-Down box below.  

Thickwall single pole vacuum cylinders with sounds have been specially engineered for our cylinders by Clustafuk and are been pre-drilled to accept a 2mm pin plug for use in conjunction with your electrical control box. If you are intending to use as an e-stim device, you will need a conductive ball strap, steel/silicone ass plug or other single pole device to work with it.  Lead adapters, if needed, can be found in our store under the wire and adapters section


The deluxe flanged penis pump cylinders are great for pumping your length and girth, with or without using e-stim. These cylinders have a flat flange at the opening which is designed for extra comfort, so they do not need a silicone comfort sleeve.  Be sure to get the correct diameter for Mr. Happy!! You want to have plenty of room to allow for expansion when vacuum is applied. We recommend that you measure your erect penis diameter and then add 1/2" to it.  This should allow for expansion.  Water based lube is also recommended to get a good flow of current throughout the cylinder and your member. :) 

Once you know what diameter you and length will be comfortable for you, be sure to designate these two items in the Drop-Down box below.

All Thickwall penis enlargement cylinders are expertly hand-machined in durable acrylic. The 1/4 inch (6mm) thick lucite wall magnifies slightly so they look great! We feel the added weight also adds to the pleasurable sensation. We would recommend this cylinder for customers who are experienced with penis pumps and urethral insertion.

So, if you are into e-stim  and/or vacuum pumping, this is the toy for you!

NOTE: In the event that we are sold out of your selection.  You can either be placed on a waiting list until we receive more from Thickwall, get your money back for your purchase or if you cannot wait, simply go to Thickwall's web site and order direct from Steve.   If you want a custom made cylinder his web site is: https://thickwall.co.uk/

Also note that due to the weight of the 1/4" thickness of the walls of the cylinders, we have to charge a shipping fee.  Canada and USA customers $12.00.  Overseas customers $25.00.  Use the Drop-Down box below to designate the destination.

PLEASE NOTE: No leads or adaptors are supplied with single pole items. You will need to purchase your own control box and appropriate cables/adaptors suitable for e-stim use, which are available on our web site.  



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Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.