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No Longer Available - Little Pucker - Bi-Polar Stainless Plug

This is a great electrified bi-polar "Trainer" Plug that will work well for men and women.  Small, but effective for anyone who is interested in getting started with prostate/anal or vaginal electro-play.  The style and size, make it easy to insert and comfortable while using.  The small electrode at the tip places a more directed and intense sensation at the top, close to the prostate and deeper inside the vaginal wall for the ladies.  It is not recommended using this one while sitting, but a well padded cushion or other type of suspended base might allow for use while sitting.


  ProstateStimulators/SmallBi-PolarTrainer-1.jpg  ProstateStimulators/SmallBi-PolarTrainer-3.jpg

Made from stainless steel, this little electrode weighs a heafty 6 ounces.

This device has a "hard-wired" cable with a 2.5mm audio connection for connecting to a power box.  If you have a power box that uses a 3.5mm audio connection, you can use a 3.5mm male to 2.5mm adapter or if you have TENS pins at the end of your lead, you can get one of our 2.5mm female audio adapter wires with TENS sockets at the ends to connect to. If you are a serious DIY person, you can cut the 2.5mm audio connection from the wire and add your own connection type. 

The following diagram shows the exact measurements for this electrode:








Item #LittlePucker

Regular price $37.95 

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