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15% OFF - Nipple/Cock 3/4" Round Magnetic Electrodes Set of Two

New Item !!  3/4" Round Metal/Magnetic electrodes.  Set of two.


If you are looking for a great way to stimulate nipples, clits, labia, cock shaft, or on or under the cock head, these are great.  The outside bell shape shape is insulated, so you can hold them while experimenting with those sensitive and erotic areas.  If you choose to do so, you can cut a hole in a wide strip of Velcro and strap them around the cock anywhere you want them, singular or use both at once.  

NippleToys/Nipple-CockStimulators-2.jpg  NippleToys/Nipple-CockStimulators-1.jpg

Although they are magnetic, they are not strong enough to go through the skin or nipple area to stay together.  A good piece of skin tape will secure them nicely to the skin area if desired for solo use. We believe that they are used in conjunction with electrical current for magnetic therapy. 

NippleToys/Nipple-CockStimulators-5.jpg   The connection wire on these electrodes is a 2mm female TENS connection.  The dimension are as follows:

NippleToys/Nipple-CockStimulators-6.jpgHousing is 2 inches long, the total outside diameter is 1 inch with a 3/4" metal/magnetic electrode.  The wire connection is 2.5 inches and overall length is just over 5 inches.  

Item #NippleMagElecto

Regular price: $18.95  Special price $16.10

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