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Single-Pole Electro-Speculum

 Now get total vagina wall contact with this newly added single-pole speculum.  :)  When small clips and other small electrodes or devices  are not enough to totally satisfy the electrical urge, more current on the inside surface area and controlled spreading should do the trick.  This device is easily inserted (with water based lube or her own juices) and once in place can be held using the finger screw adjustment to keep it right where it will do the most good.  The handles are insulated, so you have total control should you want to move it around a bit during an estim session.  

Connection this device is simple and uses a TENS socket.  If you have a Banana or Snap connector on your lead wire, you can simply purchase a proper adapter in our Wiring and Connections section.


The opening extends to a maximum of 1.5 inches (4 cm) and the length of the spoon shaped contact surface is 3.5" (9 cm).  The insulated handle is just over 5" 13.5 cm).  Total length is 8.5".

NOTE:  This is a single-pole device and you will need another elecrode such as a TENS pad, anal probe or other surface electrode to complete the circuit.

A great addition to your electrode toy box indeed !!

MedicalToys/SpeculumSinglePole-5.jpg  MedicalToys/SpeculumSinglePole-3.jpg

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Item #ElectroSpeculum

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