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Out of Stock - Large Bi-Polar Electro Dildo Wand
Want an affordable bi-polar anal or vaginal toy?  This one is sure to fill the bill.  Made with hardened plastic and embedded with two ribbed stainless steel electrodes, one on each side, it is sure to be a pleaser every time.  A generous sized handle allows for total placement control. This device also has a penis style rounded head for easy insertion.  NOTE: The shaft as the diagram below indicates, is approximately 1.6" in diameter. However the penis shaped head of this wand is almost 2" in diameter. This may be a consideration before ordering this device.
Available in Black and Red.  Be sure to designate the color you want in the Drop-Down box below.
Easy to connect using TENS pins from your lead wires. Adapters for Banana to TENS, Snap to TENS or 2.5mm and 3.5mm leads with TENS pins are available in our Wiring and Adapters section.
NOTE:  Always clean thoroughly after use with ani-bacterial soap.  A small nylon bristle brush might be used to be sure no residue is left on the inside edges where the electrodes are embedded into the plastic. Do not submerse in water or boil.
Diagram and Specifications Below: 
   NOTE: Head or entry point of this wand is almost 2" in diameter.
     webassets/BiPolarHandHeldWand-6.jpg  webassets/BiPolarHandHeldWand-2.jpgwebassets/BiPolarHandHeldWand-1.jpg

Item #LargeWand

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