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Out of Stock - Bi-Polar Electrode and Vibrating Plume

You have seen these plugs in a non-electrified version, now you can have it all!!  Don't just settle for an ordinary bi-polar plug when you can have one that not only electrifies the both sides of the anal canal or the vagina, "butt", as an option, can vibrate you at the same time.  :) 

Made with semi-soft silicone for comfort, but rigid enough to be pushed easily without losing its form, it also has the ability to spread out after insertion, giving your anal or vagina walls maximum exposure to current flow.  When inserted properly, this plug will definitely hit the prostate or the G-Spot when used on the ladies.

Fully closed as you are inserting, it measures 2 inches in diameter, so this one may not be for everyone.  We could not find this electrode in a smaller size.  :(  Complete product specifications are shown at the bottom of the pictures below.

  ProstateStimulators/Bi_PolarAndVibratingButtPlume-8.jpg  ProstateStimulators/Bi_PolarAndVibratingButtPlume-7.jpg

  ProstateStimulators/Bi_PolarAndVibratingButtPlume-5.jpg   ProstateStimulators/Bi_PolarAndVibratingButtPlume-1.jpg

  The vibrator option is completely waterproof, so no need to worry about getting it a little wet while e-stimming.


Product Specfications:



Item #Bi-Polar Plume

Regular price $29.95 

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