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 Lubes and Gels  

Out of Stock - STR8 Cam Lube 2 - 1/2 Oz. Packets

Regular price $1.95 


Surgilube 2 Oz. Tube with Screw On Cap

Regular price $4.95 


Wet Original Gel Lubricant - 3.8 Oz

Regular price $4.95 

Wet Passion Fruit Punch Flavored Lubricant

Regular price $4.95 


Out of Stock - STR8 Cam Lube 2 Oz. Bottle

Regular price $5.00 


Gun Oil Water Based Lubricant 2 Oz. Bottle

Regular price $5.95 

Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner - Spray on Formula

Regular price $6.50 


Ten (10) - 3 Gram Foil Packets

Regular price $6.50 


Lube Launchers by Trinity Vibes

What Color ?

Regular price: $7.99  Special price $6.99

TacGel - 10 Gram Tube

Regular price $7.00 


Spectra 360

Where are we shipping?

Regular price $7.50 


Anal Eaze

Regular price $7.50 

Surgilube 4.25 oz Tube

Regular price $7.95 


Gun Oil Water Based Lubricant 4 Oz Bottle

Regular price $7.95 


Nature Lovin - Honey Bear Water Based Lube 1.7 Oz.

Regular price $7.95 

ID Glide 4.4 Ounce Squeeze Bottle - Original Formula

Regular price $9.50 


Out of Stock - Boy Butter H2O - 4 Ounce Jar

Regular price $9.95 


Before and After Toy Antibacterial Cleaner

Regular price: $11.95  Special price $9.95

Jizz - The Look of Cum - Scented & Unscented

If Shipping Overseas click below:
Scented or Unscented

Regular price $10.50 


Gun Oil Water Based Lube - 8 Oz Bottle

Regular price $11.95 


Passion Performance Super Slick Gel Shooter 6 Pack

Regular price $12.50 

ID Glide - Natural Feel 8.5 Ounce Squeeze Bottle

Regular price $12.95 


Wet Original Lube 10.1 Ounce Bottle

Regular price $12.95 


Cum Load - Unscented Water Based Lube 8 Oz

Regular price $12.95 

EstimSystems - Sterile Electro Gel

Regular price $12.99 


Out of Stock - STR8 Cam Lube 8 Oz. Can

Regular price $14.50 


Nature Lovin Lube Honey Bear with Royal Jelly

Regular price: $16.95  Special price $14.95

TacGel - 50 Gram Tube

Regular price $15.00 


Nature Lovin Cosmic Bear Glow-in-the-Dark Water Based Lube

Regular price: $19.95  Special price $15.95


Out of Stock -Boy Butter Oil Based Personal Lube

Regular price: $22.95  Special price $17.95

New - Gush Lube 16.5 ounce Bottle

Where are we shipping?

Regular price $17.95 


E-Stim 8.5 oz Electro-Gel Pump Bottle

Regular price $19.95 


All Natural Masturbation Lube

Regular price: $30.00  Special price $26.95

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