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Your Privacy regarding order, email's and correspondence with us.

Your privacy is important to us. Your order will be shipped in a plain package or US Postal Service box, free of any reference to HappyStim-USA. The return address on the package will show G&J Sales and Marketing. Additionally, no fliers or emails with product information will be sent to you, unless specifically requested. No names, home or shipping addresses, email addresses or any content contained in email's is ever shared, forwarded or sold to anyone.  Any email content that would need to be shared or forwarded to anyone for a specific reason will always have the written express permission of the owner of the email before anything is shared.  Should you need any assistance or have any questions, you can always email me at this email address. 

 Why buy our conductive silicone products??

 As you probably already know, you can purchase conductive material and tubing from many different vendors on the Internet.  Most of the time, it will be less expensive than ours and we are aware of this. We firmly believe that as the old addage states, "you get what you pay for" is still true today and our goal is to provide the best possible product to our customers for their hard-earned money.

What makes our conductive silicone stand out in quality above the rest?  Ours has been specially formulated to withstand the natural body oils and acids that are in a person’s skin as it exists in nature.  We also sell our conductive silicone material to variety of small and large companies, who use it for special applications and purposes.  These companies are involved in the research and development fields, as well as the medical and computer industry. 

Several years ago, we sent a sample of our silicone tubing to a large nationally known company that requested it.  They had several other samples obtained from our competitors as well.  We were not aware that they had extensive labs and testing equipment and were, in fact, testing every sample they received to find the best product for their needs.  This company subjected each sample to a rigorous test by submerging it in a strong jelly type solution and let it sit submerged for a day.  The technicians then took each sample out of the solution, washed it and cut a thin cross-section of each one and placed it under a microscope to see the results.   To our surprise, we were sent a picture of a typical magnified section of our silicone tubing compared to almost all of the other samples they used for the test.  Brand X showed that the jelly substance had begun to eat away at and deteriorate the outside and inside of the material.  However, ours which was subjected to the exact test, showed almost no sign of any deterioration whatsoever.  Of course, we were pleased that although our product was a little more expensive, they chose to place orders for a couple of sizes of conductive tubing and continue to order and use it to this day.  They just recently inquired about purchasing large quantities of conductive sheeting for other applications they are working on.  A copy of the picture we were sent is shown below. 

Notice that the cross-section on the left (ours) still looks new compared to the one on the right that has started to rapidly deteriorate.  So, you see what kind of quality you will be getting when purchasing any of our conductive silicone products.


How do I care for conductive silicone?

A Very Good Question.   Many have asked about care for conductive silicone sheeting and tubing.  First of all, our conductive silicone material is a silicone mix with just the right amount of powdered carbon added to give it the great conductive quality that it has.  A little common sense and care will keep your conductive rubber lasting as good a new for a long time.  After each use, simply wash it in warm or hot soapy water and rinse with clean, clear water.  Dry it off being careful not to pull and stretch the material.  Patting with a dry clean cloth is usually sufficient.  If conductive silicone tubing was used as an anal or urethral insert, you can wash it and lightly bleach the material as well.  You do not want to soak conductive silicone for any extended length of time in a bleach solution!!  As with most material, bleach will deteriorate just about anything if left sitting in it too long.  Soaking briefly, rinsing thoroughly and drying completely is all you need to do.  If you wish to dust the conductive rubber lightly with a light coat of powder to keep it from getting stuck together during storage, that is OK too.  Just be sure to wash and rinse it off good before using, as powder may act as an insulator and irritant.  
 A very important note when using lube with conductive silicone products.  Always use a water based lube, never ones with petroleum or silicone in them.  Petroleum based lubes will eventually eat away at silicone, deteriorating it.  Silicone based lubes will coat and eventually absorb into the silicone and that coating will render it non-conductive.  Read the ingredients carefully before using lubes.
If you follow these instructions, your conductive silicone should last for a long time and be fresh and ready to use when you are.

How do I treat urethral inserts?

You can wash them and care for them the same way as you do our standard conductive silicone, as most of the inserts are made from the same material.  The only difference here is that the inserts usually have a stainless steel tip attached.  After cleaning and drying your insert as described above, be sure the ss tip is still secure.  Gently tug on it to be sure that no soapy water got in between the tip, shank and the conductive tubing of the ss tip.  If the tip happens to come out when testing it, dry the ss tip and use a cotton tipped swab to clean and completely dry the inside of the tubing.  After making sure everything is dry, simply re-attach the ss tip by pushing it into the end of the tubing making sure it goes in very snug.  A very small drop of Super Glue will also help secure the tip.  The tips have a turned shaft on them that allow them to go up into the tubing for a secure fit.  If the tip does not stay in the tubing snugly after going through this procedure, DO NOT attempt to use it again.  Instead email me at gary@happystim-usa.com and I will either tell you how you might fix it or I will replace it withing the one-year warranty period. 

How about cleaning and care for Bi-Polar Electrodes?

Bi-Polar electrodes can be cleaned in the same manner as single pole electrodes.  However, you do not want to bend, pull or stretch these when washing or drying them.  There are usually very small wires running through the tubing that might become disconnected or separated.  If after cleaning a Bi-Polar electrode or insert, you notice anything loose or wiring showing anywhere, again DO NOT use them and email me at the address given above.  Your electrodes have a one-year warranty against faulty material and workmanship and if not misused, will be replaced or repaired free of charge.
 Why do TENS pads or conductive silicone loops sometimes sting or burn?
As TENS pads are used, the edges tend to dry out and sometimes curl up.  This causes a small space between the skin and electrode that current tens to arc from.  This arcing is what causes the burning or stinging sensation.  You can use skin tape to secure the edges if you with or simply use a new pad.  The same goes with conductive silicone loops.  Depending on your skin condition, you may need to use water based lube on the loops.  NOTE: Never use lube on the TENS pads.  We sell TacGel to rejuvinate the sticky, conductive properties to them.