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Congratulations to the three winners of our December 2020 drawing!!  The First prize winner of the new E-Stim Systems Series 2B webassets/Series2B.jpg was Robert from Brigewater, MA.  Second place winner was Daniel from Colorado.  He received a new ElectroPebble webassets/ElectroPebble-4.jpgand the third place winner was SWINDL from St Paul, MN of the new Helix power box webassets/Helix-1.jpg.  We are sure that they will enjoy their prizes.  :)
 SPECIAL WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!  The Masterpiece Corona Ring/ and Shallow Urethral Insert UrethralToys/Vigor-3.jpg$29.95 a big savings !!


IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERING:  Due to delays in moving packages through customs and on to other countries, due to a lack of some airline bookings, we encourage our international customers to wait until some similance of normal, whatever that is, before ordering products.  If you do decide to place an order, you may experience lengthy delays in transit time before receiving your package.


Also Note:  It is still difficult to get re-stock inventory as quickly as we would like.  Inventory is still coming in, but slow and we do, at times, run out of items.  As we replenish our inventory, we will take the out of stock labels from those products.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.




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OUR CATALOG CATEGORY ICONS ARE BELOW - JUST SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW AND ORDER !!  If we happen to be out of an item, in order to get your products to you quicker, we may ask our vendors to direct ship to you.  Those packages are also shipped discreetly, so don't worry about privacy, they too, understand privacy is a must.


Conductive Silicone & Electrodes - OUR SPECIALTY
Bulk Tubing, Flat Strap & Sheeting & Electrodes
  Clips for Tubing & Flat Silicone
Conductive Silicone Packages
Cord Locks and Complete Packages
  Stainless Steel and Aircraft Material Electrodes

Many to Choose From

Affordable Budget Electrodes - Less Than $50.00
Many Types & Styles To Choose From !!!
  Selected Electrodes Over $50.00
Cock and Balls

  Urethral Inserts - Conductive and Others
Many inserts to choose from !!
Estim Power Boxes & Other Electrical Toys

Power Box Outdated??

We Have Many Boxes to Choose From!!

  Smart Stim Donations
Members Can Donate Directly Here!! 
Plugs 'n Probes   OxBall Products
Folsom Electric Products   P.E.S. Products
Electrodes and Power Box
Female Electro Toys - Plugs/Inserts & Other Items
A large Variety to Choose From
  Venus 2000 - Conductive Liner & Air Valve
Chastity Devices   Gold Contact Probes
Vacuum Cylinders and Pumps   Strokers/Masturbators
Several Styles and Types to Choose Many
Lubes and Gels   Wiring & Adapters
Large Assortment to Choose From
Storage & Travel Cases   Misc. Odds and Ends
Other Interesting Adult Items!!
Check it out !!
New Items & Specials

What's new and our specials

  DIY Products
Nipple Toys
Clamps, Cylinders, Electro and Non-Electro
Penis, Breast, Nipple, Clit Enlargement   Medical Toys
Discounted Items Priced to Sell

TENSAA (Ultima ) with 2 Silicone Conductive Loops

Regular price $39.95 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.

NOTE: Please be sure to refresh your web browser or come back to this web site before ordering a product to make sure it is still in stock or may have been discontinued.  Many have saved a page or pages of products to their Favorites in their web browsers and when clicking it are able to bring up the old web page and order the product.  Most web browsers will refresh the web page and update it, but there must be a few that do not unless an auto-update option is chosen.  This will avoid disappointment after you have managed to order a product that is out of stock or may have been discontinued. 

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL?  If you don't see an item you are specifically looking for as you are browsing the store let me know.   For example a particular PES, Folsom or other manufacturer's product, send me an email gary@happystim-usa.com or call me at (618) 343-4344 and I will most likely be able to get it for you and may save you a little money and shipping cost.  It is almost impossible to carry every product that I have access to.  If I get enough inquiries for a particular product, I will start carrying it on the site.  Your email's for special requests are very helpful and are always welcome!!!

FAX/ORDER OPTION: To accomodate those of you who wish to pay by credit card outside the PayPal system, we have set up a fax phone line and take your orders by FAX.   We use an independent third party Merchant Account to manually process credit cards.  This is NOT connected in any way with PayPal.  If you wish to take advantage of this alternative ordering process, click the FAX Instructions - Paying by Credit Card feature on the Navigation Bar on the left side of the screen. You can always call in your order as well, at (618) 343-4344 between the hours of 9:00AM to 6:00PM. 

Please note that the published prices on this site are the official prices of the products.  In a few cases, the pictures may have outdated prices that have not yet been changed.  As updated views are available, these will be corrected.  We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause you.