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You the buyer, understand that all products offered on this website are purchased as non-medical items and are not being sold or endorsed as any type of medical advise or as a cure of anykind.  The buyer therefore, takes full responsibility for his or her actions as to the use or misuse of any products they purchase.  It is also understood that any suggestions or advise given anywhere on this website is not being given by a liscensed physician or medical expert.  The publisher of this site does not profess to be a medical practitioner only experienced with sexual electro-stimulation.  The buyer therefore, waives any and all claims other than normal product warranties connected with the purchase and use of any products against the owner or manufacturer of the products. 

It is usually NOT safe practice to try and connect two people to one device. Attempting to put one electrode on each person is inviting trouble. It is too easy to have accidental contact with the other person causing current to pass through the heart and chest area. Just remember, Sexual Electro-Stimulation is not dangerous if a little common sense is used and as a matter of fact, can be a very erotic form of foreplay and mastrubation leading to fantastic orgasms. Again, first and foremost, PLAY SAFELY and BELOW THE WAIST!!!