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Mega Stainless Steel Cock Ring
Magnify your manhood with this Stainless Steel Magnetic Cock Ring! This weighty cock ring is designed to enhance your package and your pleasure - wrap your cock and balls and increase blood flow to your member for a harder, firmer erection. The Mega Magnetize Ring also increases your penile sensitivity to maximize pleasure for you and your partner!

  CockAndBalls/MegaMagnetizeBallWeight-6.jpg  CockAndBalls/MegaMagnetizeBallWeight-3.jpg

The magnetic closure makes it easy to equip this metal ring on and off your package, opening the door to beginners and experts to the world of metal cock and ball rings with little risk. The stainless steel material is naturally hygienic, nickel-free, and rounded near the closure to prevent pinching when equipping,
If you want to take the sensation to the next level, why not electrify it!!  CockAndBalls/MegaMagnetizeBallWeight-7.jpg  You can simply take a piect of conductive strip, aluminum foil or any thin conductive material and place it in between the magnets when you put it on and attach it with an alligator clip. 

Comfortable weighted at 9 ounces to create a kinky downward pull, and constructed with a 1.75 inch inner diameter that fits most package sizes.

Measurements: 3 inch diameter, 1.75 inch (45mm) inner diameter, 0.6 inch ring thickness, 9 ounces in weight

Materials: Stainless steel (nickel-free)

Color: Metallic

Key Features:

  • Enhance Your Erection: Increase sensitivity and duration of your or your partner's erection; use in combination with pumps and other toys for a powerful erection
  • Magnetic Closing Design: Easily clasp this cock ring around your cock and balls thanks to the powerful magnets hidden within; rounded edges prevent an uncomfortable pinch
  • Weighty and Smooth: Weighing in at 9 ounces, this hard and smooth metallic cock ring gives a satisfying downward pull on your package
  • Nickel Free Strainless Steel: Constructed with a sturdy and easy to maintain stainless steel material that is nickel free for body safe fun 

  • Item #AG602

    Regular price: $34.95  Special price $24.95

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