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Out of Stock - Bipolar Estim Penis Play Conductive Cock Loop
This bipolar electrode design is based on the one suggested by "Gyrator" on my forum (credit where it is due). I decided to take the design and produce a 3D printed version of it.
  webassets/2x1c.jpg   webassets/2x1b.jpg 
It is fitted with either 6mm CR as the main loop and 4mm CR in a double loop designed to sit on either side of your frenulum (banjo string).
  webassets/2x1a-1.jpg  webassets/2x1d.jpg 
Usually, cock loops are monopole electrodes, but this one is different. It's a bipolar design, and it should be fitted just under the glans of the penis with the centre electrode touching your frenulum (banjo string). It produces powerful sensations that can be felt in the glans and throughout the groin.
Each bipolar cock loop plate and pins are printed in Yellow PLA.
The inner holes are sized for 6mm and 4mm CR tube size.
1. Place the bipolar cock loop around your cock just under your glans.
2. If you are uncircumcised, you can roll your foreskin back and place the 6mm conductive rubber loop around your shaft just under the glans.
3. Use electrolube to ensure you get good contact between the conductive rubber and your skin.
4. Attach a plug to each free end of the conductive rubber (one plug from a single channel into each piece of rubber).
5. Plug your cable into your control box and ensure all power levels knobs are set to zero output.
6. Turn on your power box, select your favourite settings and slowly turn up the power.
Tips For Use
• Always use conductive lube with conductive rubber. Never use silicone lube or oil-based products as they are an insulator.
• Silicone lube bonds to conductive rubber and creates an insulating coating, rendering it unusable, so never use silicone lube.
• Water-based lubes will suffice if you have no electrogel.
• Cock loops should be a snug fit to allow for swelling of your penis without cutting off the blood supply.

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