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"Heaven & Hell" 6mm Cock Loop And Support Plate
Designed by me (Joanne) to make using two cock loops on your penis much, much easier.
It now gives you flexibility as to where you put the loops and cater to different penis lengths. But there's more, it also has a splint, so if you are a grower and shrinker during your stimming sessions, it will prevent the conductive rubber loops from touching.
  webassets/2X18Yf.jpg  webassets/2X18Yc.jpg 
The splint also has two distinct faces, one smooth that I call "Heaven" and its evil counterpart with spikes "Hell". You can choose whether you send your cock to heaven or hell.
  webassets/2X18Yb.jpg  webassets/2X18Ya.jpg 
  webassets/2X18Yh.jpg  webassets/2X18Yg.jpg 
This double cock loop was designed for penis owners who have big differences in penis size while stimming. Often penises go hard, then soft, then hard again during a stimming session. This can create problems with the change in size, causing two loops placed around the penis to contact shorting out or the distance between the two becoming small so the sensations spike.
This design supports the penis and keeps the two 6mm conductive rubber electrodes separated.  It also keeps things neat and tidy.
Hopefully, this electrode will be helpful to penis owners who experience differing levels of erection while stimming.
This electrode comes with two 6mm conductive rubber loops that take 2mm plugs; they are 10"/25cm long. Once you have initially fitted it, you can trim these down to a manageable length. It also comes with two spring-loaded cord locks to secure the loops tightly around the penis.
  webassets/2X18Yi.jpg  webassets/2X18Yj.jpg 
1. Select which holes to use in the backplate and fit the loops accordingly after deciding which way round to fit the spiked support plate.
2. Attach your 2mm plugs, one to one end of each loop.
3. Fit the electrode to your penis in whichever orientation you prefer.
4. Tighten the loops so that they are snug but not too tight that they cut off circulation.
5. Plug your cable into your control box and ensure all power levels knobs are set to zero output.
6. Turn on your power box, select your favourite settings and slowly turn up the power.
Tips For Use
• Always use conductive lube with conductive rubber. Never use silicone lube or oil-based products as they are an insulator.
• Silicone lube bonds to conductive rubber and creates an insulating coating, rendering it unusable, so never use silicone lube.
• Water-based lubes will suffice if you have no electrogel.

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