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Out of Stock - Estim Adjustable Conductive 6mm Cock Loop 2mm Pin

Designed by you know who for penis owners wanting a smoother ride to their hands free orgasms.

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Joanne wanted to design a simple monopole cock loop that was adjustable and had more surface area in contact with the penis over a regular cock loop. So here is her design for an adjustable cock loop designed to fit anyone and providing a much smoother ride than a standard cock loop electrode. As it is a monopole electrode you will need a second electrode to form a circuit.
This electrode features a copper wire threaded through the core to allow it to hold its shape when bent around your "happy chap". This copper wire also helps the current flow smoothly around all of the loop so that you don't get hotspots. I recommend using electro gel with this electrode to further enhance surface contact.
  webassets/1X19b.jpg webassets/1X19e.jpgEsti
Each adjustable cock loop comes with three clips printed in her trademark YELLOW PLA.
These clips (2 with two cut-outs and 1 with three cut-outs) clip onto the wrapped conductive rubber to hold it in shape when you remove it. The conductive rubber comes with a yellow end cap and yellow heat shrink tubing on the other end to re-enforce it. This electrode comes with 11.8"/30cm of high quality 6mm conductive rubber tubing that takes 2mm plugs.
It will be dispatched folded with the clips ready to be fitted once you adjust it around your penis.
Just wrap it around your cock, fit the clips and plug in your 2mm plug into the CR.
Wrap the loop around your penis where you want it. Use electrolube to ensure you get good contact between the conductive rubber and your skin.
Attach a plug to one end of the 6mm conductive rubber.
Plug your cable into your control box and ensure all power levels knobs are set to zero output.
Turn on your power box, select your favourite settings and slowly turn up the power.
Tips For Use:
• Always use conductive lube with conductive rubber. Never use silicone lube or oil-based products as they are an insulator.
• Silicone lube bonds to conductive rubber and creates an insulating coating, rendering it unusableso never use silicone lube.
• Water-based lubes will suffice if you have no electrogel.
The conductive rubber can be removed for cleaning, wash it in warm soapy water.
Wipe down the insulator with an anti-bacterial wipe. It is recommended that the insulator is painted before use but this is not essential. Ensure everything is dry before storing away until your next stimming session.


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