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ABS Double Conductive Rubber Loops 4mm

The resounding success and positive feedback I received about my insulated loops made me decide to design a double monopole cock loop. "Why would I want to use a double loop?" I hear you ask.

Well, insulating a conductive rubber loop has only one drawback and that is that you lose half of the skin surface area so by doubling the loop up you get that back for a smoother ride. While still retaining all the benefits of insulating the upper half of the loop of course.


This electrode insulator is made from ABS (think Lego plastic), it's hard-wearing, non-porous and doesn't need painting or any other finish. To produce these electrodes I have had to invest in new equipment and the post-print processing time to get the smooth non-porous finish takes me a long time and this is reflected in the price. If you prefer the best, then this is the version for you. They will be available in very limited quantities so grab one while you can.


When using conductive rubber cock loops for stimming you generally only stimulate the dorsal nerves running along the top of the penis. The sensations generated are felt at the glans of the penis. Insulating the top part of a lower cock loop if it is around the cock and balls allows you to stim both the Dorsal and Perineal nerves leading to better sensations.

These double loops are perfect for use as the common in a tri-phase configuration, just plug one cable from each (different) channel into each end of the loop.


This cock loop insulator is printed in ABS. This insulator comes with a generous length of 20"/50cm of 4mm conductive rubber tubing that can be trimmed down to suit your anatomy. The high-quality British CR takes a 2mm plug.

It will be dispatched with the 4mm conductive rubber tubing already fitted.

The inner hole size is 1mm larger than the CR tubing, this 4mm tubing is a good friction fit and you don't need the plastic locking clamp to keep it in place once fitted but I will ship it with one fitted anyway. Just slip it over your cock and tighten it before plugging your 2mm plug into the CR.


  • Place the insulated cock loop around your cock and balls with the plastic insulator on top. Use electrolube to ensure you get good contact between the conductive rubber and your skin.
  • Attach a plug to one end of the conductive rubber.
  • For the second electrode, I recommend either a cock loop of self-adhesive monopole pad electrode. Place the electrode either on your glans or just under it.
  • Attach the second plug to the other electrode.
  • Plug your cable into your control box and ensure all power levels knobs are set to zero output.
  • Turn on your power box, select your favourite settings and slowly turn up the power.

Tips For Use

  • Always use conductive lube with conductive rubber. Never use silicone lube or oil-based products as they are an insulator.
  • Silicone lube bonds to conductive rubber and creates an insulating coating on it rendering it unuseable so never use silicone lube.
  • Water-based lubes will suffice if you have no electrogel.
  • Cock loops should be a snug fit to allow for swelling of your penis without cutting off the blood supply.


The conductive rubber can be removed for cleaning, wash it in warm soapy water.

Wipe down the insulator with an anti-bacterial wipe. It is recommended that the insulator is painted before use but this is not essential.

Ensure everything is dry before storing away until your next stimming session.

Item #F-1x2Y

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