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Magnetic Electrode Adaptor for 2mm (TENS) Pin

If like me (Joanne), you often look at metal (ferrous) objects and wonder if they would make good electrodes or not, then you might be interested in this idea.

   webassets/Magnet-2mm-Pin-2.jpg  webassets/Magnet-2mm-Pin-3.jpg

I often would like to try different objects on or in me but have struggled with finding a good and easy way to attach them to my e-stim cables. That problem made me seriously think about a solution to that dilemma and here is that solution.

  webassets/Magnet-2mm-Pin-4.jpg  webassets/Magnet-2mm-Pin-1.jpg 

A 3D printed housing containing a very strong (2kg of force) magnet and a screw to attach it to a short section of conductive rubber that accept 2mm plugs.


I (joanne) have made a prototype and it is fantastic (you would never believe how much fun you can have with a spoon LOL).

  webassets/Magnet-2mm-Pin-6.jpg  webassets/Magnet-2mm-Pin-7.jpg 

  • A strong magnet ensures a good connection to any ferrous object.
  • Accepts 2mm TENS style plugs (like you use with self-adhesive pad electrodes).


  • We have Yellow and Red ABS magnets in stock with a limited quantity of each.  Please indicate in the Drop-Down box below, which color you want.

Item #D 1x4

What Color Do You Want ??

Regular price $10.95 

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