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Single-Pole Electro Gloves with Silver Conductive Fibers
An interesting way to mix up your e-stim experience.  :)  These single-pole E-Gloves are made of silver fibers and are very stretchy.  Will fit on most hands, even larger ones.  They can be used together or with one glove and another single-pole electrode, such as a TENS pad or conductive loop.  This can cause some very interesting sensations while moving the gloves over various areas of the lower extremities.  :)
  webassets/E-Gloves-2.jpg Each glove has a male snap that is connected to either a pair of lead wires with female snaps or you can get adapters that work with your TENS pin lead wires.  If you have banana pins at the end of your lead wires, you can get banana socket to female snap adapters for use with these gloves.  Although we found that the male snaps on the gloves are a bit smaller than normal snaps, they will connect to the adapters linked in the previous sentence.
Gloves can be used without water or water based lube, but for an even better sensation, water or water based lube can enhance the stimulation.  After use, be sure to wash out any lube and dry them before the next use.  This will assure that no residue will remains in the fibers.
A word of caution when using these gloves.  It is recommended to wear latex or similar insullating gloves under these in order to prevent current from traveling up one arm through the chest area and down to the other arm.  Current moving through the chest could cause imbalances in your heart beating, a bad thing.  Although many do not heed this word of caution, it is always better to be safe than sorry.
 webassets/E-Gloves-3.jpg  webassets/E-Gloves-1.jpg

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