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Ball Crusher Electrode - Lockable and Non-Lockable
Limited Quantity in Stock !!

Warning: This clamping electrode is capable of causing injury if not handled correctly. Care should be shown when using it. Familiarise yourself with the quick release mechanism before use.
   webassets/3231805944.jpg  webassets/3227696081.jpg
        Non-Lockable          Lockable (above) has the yellow arm
Well, this one is not for the faint-hearted. Think of it as an electrified ball crusher with some excellent extra features.
Designed by Joanne for domination play sessions, it can be used between partners or even on your own.
It is the perfect addition to any dungeon or hardcore BDSM play bag.
It features four conductive rubber contacts, each taking a 2mm (TENS) pin. There are two linear contact surfaces along the plunging plate, which is lowered to clamp or crush the testicles, depending on your play style.
  webassets/3227690358.jpg   webassets/3227686948.jpg
The second pair of electrodes are in the "egg basket" at the bottom of the electrode - one in each basket.
These electrodes can be wired in any combination, so get creative. You can even link the two upper and two lower electrodes with a short length of wire to create just two electrode surfaces.
The large wheel can be turned to raise or lower the clamping electrode surface.
It is designed so that it can be stripped down for cleaning or for changing electrode surfaces. I have used brass heat-set threaded inserts throughout the design so that metal screws can be used to assemble it.
As a safety feature, it has a quick release knob around the threaded portion that, if turned 90 degrees, allows the clamping mechanism to release in case of emergencies immediately.
 To order the Lockable version (with locking arm), use the Drop-Down version below to indicate the version you want.
Don't forget to lube the conductive rubber to ensure good electrical contact.
Included in this set are:
• 1 x Ball crusher electrode assembled.
• 1 x 2.5mm Allen Key.

Item #40089NL

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