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Pleasure Pack - 3 Cond Loops w/ Cord Locks
To Get the second pack at 1/2 price, use the Drop-Down Box below to indicate that you want it.

We now offer our 3 - Conductive Loop Pleasure Pack with all Cord Locks instead of standard O-Rings on the Choker and Strangler.  The Choker, Jr. already came standard with a small cord lock device.

Experience the smooth feeling that soft conductive tubing offers while running current through the head, shaft and balls all at the same time with this afforable priced 3 pack of conductive loops with Cord Locks.  This special package consists of:

1 - Strangler (12" - 6x2mm conductive tube loop) Nice around the balls and shaft.

1 - Choker (8" - 6x2mm conductive tube loop) Nice around the shaft or head.

1 - Choker Jr. (8" - 4x2mm conductive tube loop) Good for head stimulation.

Cord locks provide a more secure grip on the conductive tubing and thus, eliminate most of the slipping experienced with O-rings if water based lube is used.  After several of our customers noted the slipping this condition, we sought to find a better solution and have, by using a cord lock system to hold the loops snugly to the head, shaft or balls.

The 3 pack offers a variety of placement options, which in turn, causes several different electro-stimulation experiences.  A few possible placement positions are shown below. For even more e-stim sensations, you can use a Y-adapter (Joiner) to connect two loops on one lead or even configure one using Tri-Phase.  We are sure that you will find others!!

webassets/CordLockGroupLoopExample-3.jpg  webassets/CordLockGroupLoopExample-1.jpg

Each loop is a Single-Pole electrode and is easily connected to a power box lead wire using a TENS pin connection (Shown in picture below).  If you have banana leads, you can easily convert to TENS pins simply by using our Banana Socket to TENS pin adapters.

Watch conductive loops in action on this vidoe ====>> http://xhamster.com/movies/1579444/amazing_estim_orgasm.html

Note: Cord Locks  may vary in color, depending on availability.


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Regular price $37.95 

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