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Out of Stock - Do Not Order Inflatable Doughnut for Cock or Balls
We recently found a limited number of these dougnut shaped, inflatable cock or ball rings from one our favorite vendors.  These are unique in that after placing them over the cock base or balls, you inflate them with an air needle, much like a basketball or football.  Once inflated to the desired tightness, simply pull the needle out and use it without the air tubing.  :)  

Simple clever and functional !!  Great for use to maintain an erection or snugging up the balls.
Can also be used to hold flat conductive silicone in place while E-Stimming!! 
  CockAndBalls/Doughnut-Inflatible-CockRing-1.jpg  CockAndBalls/Doughnut-Inflatible-CockRing-2.jpg
Unlike our other inflatable ring, this one can be released from the tube. 
  CockAndBalls/Doughnut-Inflatible-CockRing-8.jpg  CockAndBalls/Doughnut-Inflatible-CockRing-6.jpg
  CockAndBalls/Doughnut-Inflatible-CockRing-5.jpg  CockAndBalls/Doughnut-Inflatible-CockRing-3.jpg 

Item #InflatDoughnut

Regular price: $18.95  Special price $16.95

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