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Out of Stock - Deluxe Cupping Set w/Magnet Tips
Here is something a little different.  This set includes 17 rugged transparent acrylic cups each having quick release valves for easy operation and release when you are finished.  Heavy duty hand vacuum pump makes it easy to place just the right amount of vacuum where you want it.  Great for clitoris, breast and nipple pumping.  A real bargain at $59.95.  

However, due to the weight of this set (4 pounds), overseas shipping by First Class Mail is $40.00.  It is getting very expensive to ship larger, heavier products overseas these days.  The shipping fee to Canada is $30.00.  If you choose to order this product, please choose the destination in the Drop-Down box below.

Note: Magnet tips can be removed from acrylic cylinders and used with them.

You might want to use the hand pump with you favorite penis pump cylinder as well!!!

Click on the picture at the right for a larger more detailed view. 

Set includes:

1 - Heavy Duty Hand Operated Pump
1 - Soft rubber tube with slip-on connection's.
3 - 2" wide x 2" deep clear acrylic cylinders, each with quick release valves.
2 - 1-1/2" x 2" deep cylinder
1 - 1" diameter x 2" deep cylinder
1 - 1-1/8" diameter x 2" deep cylinder
5 - plastic cups without valves

NOTE: We reserve the right on this item to substitute one of equal or greater value.  Often times these sets come into us packaged and slightly vary from our order.

Item #CuppingSet

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Regular price $59.95 

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