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Electro-Vac Suction Cup

You have probably heard or have seen these Electro-Vac Acrylic  Vacuum Cups in various forums. Now you can own your very own.

These 2" tall x 2" diameter clear acrylic sturdy suction cups can be used for a variety of estim sensations, cock head, balls, clit, vagina stimulation or hey, just let your imagination take over!!

The soft conductive rubber rim has an entry hole of 1.75" in diameter. The depth of the cup is 2".  The one-way valve allows you to apply just the right amount of vacuum to the cup and release the hose, allowing the cup to stay in place.  Simply connect the conductive rim to a standard TENS pin lead and your in business.  A truly unique estim experience.  The picture below defines it all. 

Additionally, for an even more comfortable secure fit, if and when Mr. Limp takes over (if you know what we mean), you can keep everything comfortably in place by using a small piece of our V2000 conductive tubing.  For that matter, we have several various sizes in our conductive rubber and tubing section to choose from.  You are not limited to only V2000 tubing.  See Illustrations Below for more details.

NOTE: The picture shows a 1.3" opening.  The new cups from the vendor is actually 1.75" in diameter.  The 1.3" are no longer available.


Optional Conductive Tubing Placement:

Simply cut a small section of our conductive tubing (http://www.happystim-usa.com/catalog/i70.html) and place it over the existing conductive ring that comes with the cup leaving enough tubing exposed to allow it to go into the cup when vacuum is applies.  The picture to the right (below) shows the way the cup will look once the tubing is inverted into the cup.

To get power to the cup, simply use an alligator clip attached to one of the power unit lead wires.  Be sure the teeth of the clip are NOT sharp as this will tear the conductive tubing.  You can sand or file the edges of an alligator clip down for this purpose.  Remember that this cup is a single pole electrode and you must have another electrode connected to the other lead wire and attached to another electrode placed somewhere on the lower part of the body.  It does not matter were.  The closer to the cup, the more current you will get.

  webassets/CupwithTube1.jpg  webassets/CupwithTube.jpg

The two additional pictures below (one of the normal Electro-Vac Cup and the other a smaller one) are of a couple of sizes of cups that have had the V2000 conductive applied to the rims.  Note: You do not have to have the original ring that comes with the cups on them to make one conductive and work with vacuum.  The tubing is 100% Conductive and forms a seal all by itself!!

You can even special order a smaller Electro-Vac cup to meet your needs.  I have several diameters in stock and smaller ones in stock for the ladies.  These make wonder clit stimulators.  Send me an email gary@happystim-usa.com for more details for a special order cup and I will work with you to get one that is right for you. 



Item #ElectroCup

Regular price $14.95 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.