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Folsom Bi-Polar Acrylic Mini Plug

We are proud to carry the Folsom Line of Acrylic Butt Plugs.  Made from durable black acrylic plastic, these electrodes will no doubt, not only be a great addition, but may end up to be one of your favorite anal toys.  Many have described some really wonderful and remarkable sensations using these plugs.  Let's not forget that these can also be used by the ladies as well for vaginal electro-stimulation.

Each plug is hand crafted in the USA and made from durable ABS plastic.   Both terminals use standard banana pin connectors for a no-hassle connection.  For sitting, we recommend our low profile Banana pin to Snap adapter with the use of a Snap to TENS or Banana socket extension wire.  Either way, we are sure that you will enjoy the results.


2 silver strips are built into the cylinder along each side, measuring 3/8" inch width and 2-3/4" long running along the shaft.

Measures 4-1/2" tall from tip to the bottom of the base.

4" of the plug can be totally inserted.

1-1/4" diameter at the largest point, 3/4" at the indented neck.

Base is 3-1/2" long and 1-3/4" wide.

Four,  1/4" diameter holes have been drilled into the corners of the base that can be used to secure the plug with a harness using rope, leather strands or your favorite creative device.

The two pictures below show the electrode in an upright position and from the bottom position.  The two connections at the bottom of the base extend approximately 3/16" away from the base.  

webassets/FolsomMiniPlug-1.jpg  webassets/FolsomMiniPlug-3.jpg

Item #FolsomMiniPlug

Regular price: $169.95  Special price $149.95

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