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Choker Jr. with Spring Clip Hold-Down

Here is a little something different and very affordable to stimulate the head of the Big Guy or maybe along the shaft.  For a more concentrated stimulation effect, we have combined an 8" piece of 4x2mm conductive rubber tube and added a nice secure spring style cord  clamp to hold it snugly in place.  To use, simply press on the spring hold-down, adjust to suit and release the spring to hold in place again.  Simple, quick and effective.

webassets/ChokerJr-3.jpg webassets/ChokerJr-2.jpg
Second clip shown unattached for illustration purposes.  Electrode only comes with one clip.  To purchase additional Cord Lock Clips click on the picture webassets/4mmCordLocks.jpg 

To power this single-pole conductive loop, just plug in one TENS pin lead wire and your set to go.

If you would like to have this single-pole Choker Jr. equipped with a 4mm solid conductive cord instead of the 4x2mm tube, it is also available by making this choice in the Drop-Down Box below.  However, you will need to connect it with an alligator clip as shown below.   If you have a banana pin lead wire you can purchase one of our ComboClips, as we found that the small hole in the underside fits nicely into the end of the 4mm solid cord and when locked into place will run current right to the conductive cord.

webassets/ChokerJr4mmSolidwithAlligatorConnection-1.jpg  webassets/ChokerJr4mmSolidwithAlligatorClip-2.jpg
Second clip shown separately for illustration purposes only.  Electrode has only one clip.  Lead wires not included. 
NOTE: cable not included, picture is for illustration purposes only.

Item #ChokerJr&Clip

Choose 4x2 tube or solid cord below:

Regular price: $10.95  Special price $9.95

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