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Single Pole Pussy Pump-n-Stim Device
Take pussy pumping to the next level with our newly designed Electro-Pussy Pump-n-Stim Device.  Now you can not only enjoy pumping, but get a charge out it too!!The heavy duty Oval Acrylic Vacuum Cup is outfitted with a section of our soft conductive rubber liner then a ComboClip is added to connect a Banana lead wire to it from your power box lead wire. 
NOTE: We can no longer get the oval style cup from any vendors we have contacted.  The actual cup will be a  2" dimater round one with conductive tubing stretchd over the mouth and tucked into the inside as the picture below shows.

                                                   Plain Cup in the upper left is for illustration
                                                   purposes only and only one cup is included
                                                   with this kit.

    Shown with Conductive Tubing       Shown without Electro Set-up

The oval cup measures 3" long and 2" wide The 2" round cup, once the air is taken out of it with the special Korean hand operated pump, provides a nice snug air-tight fit.  Once vacuum is maintained to a comfort level, the pump can be pulled away from the cup and stays in place until the relief valve on the cup is released.   

Since this is a Single-Pole Electrode, you will need to add a TENS pad or maybe an anal plug to complete the circuit.  The conductive liner can be removed for cleaning or to be used as a non-electrical e-stim device if desired. 

NOTE: The rubber valve on the cup only works with the special pump that comes with this kit.  Other vacuum pumps may not work, since the valve diameter and the pump have been made to fit exactly into each other.  

Item #PssyPump-n-Stim

Regular price $34.95 

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