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Steel Cock Cage/Chastity Device with or without Electro
We found a great deal on these new chromed steel wire cock cages and male chastity devices and could not resist sharing them with you.  Whether you want to lock yourself down for play or your partner, this cage will make a great addition to your toy collection, with or without electrifying it.  It may be a little larger than many on the market making them more comfortable for the bigger guys (when soft of course) out there, although it will fit nice and tight.


This cage measures 5 inches long, has a nice anatomic curve, with a 1-1/2 inch opening.  The steel ball ring holding the 1" long hasp is 2 inches in diameter to comfortably, yet snugly fit around the balls and base of the cock.  The pee hole is approximately 1/4" in diameter.   It also comes with a nice soft velour carrying pouch and a small padlock and two keys.

To make things even more exciting, use an electro-insert or electrify the entire cage with an alligator lead or fasten it for current with a small piece of our conductive tubing and a ComboClip.  We offer a 5" section of  flat conductive rubber that can be cut to suit and a ComboClip for an additional $5.00 (indicate this option in the Drop-Down Box below).

A great buy for the money!!
webassets/SteelWireCageInsert.jpg webassets/SteelWireCageFront.jpgwebassets/SteelWireCage-5.jpg


Item #CageSteelWire

Regular or Electrified?

Regular price $79.95 

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