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Bi-Polar WMCBP Anal/Vaginal Plug
What in the hell is a WMCBP?  It stands for World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug, but are excellent for vaginal use too!

These polished aircraft aluminum plugs have been wired as bi-polar electrodes and use a 3.5mm jack that plugs directly into your power unit. The "head" has been wired to one lead and the 2" diameter base has been wired with the other lead to complete the circuit.  The shape and design combined with the small FLEXIBLE heavy rubber neck is truly one of the most comfortable plugs that you will experience.  The lead wire is 5 feet long, so you have plenty of cable to reach your power box.

ProstateStimulators/WMCBP-SideConnect.jpg  ProstateStimulators/WMCBP-SideConnect-1.jpg

Two sizes to choose from.  Be sure to indicate the size you want in the Drop-Down box below when ordering.  Default is Medium.  

The sensations are fantastic, especially at the opening where the most nerve endings are located. Slip the comfortable plug into your butt or vagina, plug it into an electric box, adjust to your favorite setting and feel it hum or pulsate! Use this plug with two other electrodes connected to the remaining lead wires from Channel A or B and you'll be in Orgasmic Heaven. These plugs are a Mr. S Exclusive, and they have given them their most enthusiastic endorsement.

These electrified plugs are Mr. S Exclusive designs! Some look-alike products sold elsewhere are not the same.  Beware of imitators!


Made of Medical Grade Rubber and Stainless Steel

Usable Length Circumference Diameter Weight
Medium 3 in / 7.5 cm 4.75 in / 12 cm 1.5 in / 4 cm 11 oz / .31 kg
Large 3.5 in / 9 cm 5.5 in / 14 cm 1.75 in / 4.5 cm 14 oz / .4 kg

Usable length does not include the 2" rubber tubing or the base plate.



What Size Do You Want?

Regular price $157.95 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.