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4mm Cord or 4x2mm Tube (36") with 4 Cord Locks

Make you own conductive loops with this affordable DIY conductive rubber electrode package.  This package contains the following:

• 36 inches of either 4mm solid cord or 4x2mm tubing

• 4 - Small Spring Loaded Cord Locks

Enough to make 4 conductive loop electrodes of your choice of size.

The spring loaded cord locks webassets/4mmCordLocks.jpg  make it easy and simple to make a loop and secure it to the skin for a perfect fit every time.  Just squeeze the spring clips down, thread the tubing into them and release for a secure lock. You just need to be careful and not pinch the skin when you get the lock almost in the snug position.  OUCH Yell

The inner hole of our 4x2mm and 6x2mm tubing is perfect to insert a TENS pin or TENS pin adapter into for quick secure connections.

Watch our loops in action. ===>>> https://xhamster.com/movies/3108614/electro_estim_cum_14.html
The 4x2mm tube is connected by using a TENS pin or TENS pin adapter, a simple way to connect to the tubing.  Just plug it into the end.  Solid Cord can be connected with an alligator clip.  See below for illustrations.

webassets/ChokerJr-1.jpg    webassets/ChokerJr4mmSolidwithAlligatorConnection-1.jpg
If you need additional small spring cord locks, you can always purchase more here.

With 36 inches of conductive tubing, you will be able to make 4 long lasting loops in your favorite size.  Great for having extra around when you have a friends over or even as a sample gift.

HELPFUL HINT: Before cutting, make the loop to determine if it is the correct size and that you have enough left on the ends for the cord lock and to connect the TENS pin into. 

If you need any water based lube, which some folks do, be sure to visit our lubes and gels section

Be sure to indicate 4mm Solid Cord or 4x2mm Tube in the Drop-Down box below.  4mm Solid Cord is the default.
Note: Cord Locks  may vary in color, depending on availability.

Item #4mmWith4Locks

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