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Bi-Polar Weighted Electro Ball Stretcher - 25% OFF
This Heavy-Duty Bi-Polar Ball Stretcher is sure to please, as you feel the gentle tugging on your scrotum and the current flowing throughout the testicles.


Weighing in at almost 3/4 of a pound, the weight is perfect for keeping your nuts nice and stretched out while stimming or hey, pull the lead and just walk around with it on. 

The inside diameter is 1-5/8" (about 41mm) to keep it secure.   It is 3/8" (10mm) thick (25mm) and 1" (25mm) wide.  This electrode is made from nicklefree high-grade steel and has a highly polished finish for a great look.  Two large black O-Rings slip over the outside grooves to hold it together once you have it in place.

Helpful Hint:  To keep the current from hitting the inside of your thighs while using this electrode, which can be very annoying and even sting, taking your mind off of exciting your ball sack, you might use a very wide rubber band (if you can find one) or simply cut a small balloon up to form a wide rubber insulator to cover the outside steel area.  Problem solved and cheaply!! 

Although it comes with a lead wire 2.5mm jack with Banana Pins (made to fit Rimba and other power units using this size connection, you could use your own lead wire.  If you have a 3.5mm jack with Banana Pins your all set to plug and play.  

If you have a TENS pin lead wire, you can easily adapt it using our TENS to Banana Pin adapters found in our Wiring and Adapter section.    

Item #Rim7862

Regular price: $92.95  Special price $69.95

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