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Choker & Strangler with Cord Locks
We thought it would be nice to sell just a set of two of our conductive loops.  Our Pleasure Pack, which has three loops.
Watch how they work on this video ====>> http://xhamster.com/movies/1579444/amazing_estim_orgasm.html

This package has one each of our popular Choker and Strangler.

A very economical way to enjoy estim and to fill one of your lead wires with to highly conductive adjustable single-pole loops.  The Cord Locks that come with the loops make it quick and simple to adjust and move them up and down the shaft to "fine-tune"  stimming sensations.

The picture below shows the Strangler connected to the scrotum and the Choker around the Corona area.  You can always move the larger loop (Strangler) to the shaft or around the shaft and balls to suit your individual needs.

Note: Lead wires are not included, but for connection illustration purposes only.
As the pictures indicate, the 6x2mm tubing that these electrodes are made from can be connected to a lead wire with a TENS pin.  If you have a banana pin on your lead wires, you can always purchase a Banana Socket to TENS Pin adapter to easily convert the lead to a TENS connection.  Adapters can be found in our wiring and adapter section.

Unless you have very sensitive skin and experience a stinging sensation when using the loops, you will not need to use a lubricant to make solid contact with the skin. Lubricant is ok to use with conductive rubber, but make sure it is a WATER BASED lube and NOt a silicone or petroleum based product.  Silicone based lubes will coat the surface of the conductive rubber rendering it less conductive over time.  Petroleum based lubes will gradually eat away at the silicone/carbon material and also makes them non-conductive over time.  After use, simply wash the loops off with a good anti-bacterial soap and warm or hot water.  Rinse well and simply pat dry with a clean dry cloth or towel.  Never pull the tubing through a cloth or towel when drying, as this separates the carbon particles from the silicone and over time, will make the tubing less conductive. 

Note: Be careful when sliding the cord lock into place and keep skin from getting caught between the cord lock and conductive tubing.  It will cause an unpleasant pinch.  Yell

Item #Chok&StrangLock

Regular price $24.95 

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